We love a good Cuban cafecito… so much so that we founded Miami’s official coffee break time at appropriately 3:05 p.m. Born and raised in Miami, there is never a shortage of Cuban style coffee. So when we heard about Nespresso bringing real Cuban coffee beans to the United States for the first time in 50 years, we were shaking with excitement! (Or maybe that was just the caffeine jitters but YES, exciting indeed!)

Cuban coffee is more than just the origin of the beans, of course. It’s all about the culture that shares and enjoys it. In Miami, we have made due with dark roasted Arabica beans but as a Cuban-American, it was especially sweet to try real Cuban coffee. Sure, cafecito doesn’t typically come in a Nespresso capsule or is made in a Nespresso machine so we dove into this cup of cafecito with a bit of skepticism because well, we’re cafecito snobs.

To our gleeful surprise, this cafecito is roasted to perfection and full of that smoky, sweet flavor we love. The Arabica coffee is grown by smallholder farmers in the provinces of Granma and Santiago de Cuba, where my grandmother grew up, making it extra special. On Nespresso’s level of intensity, Cafecito de Cuba is ranked at a 10 out of 12. Works for me!

This limited edition capsule is definitely worth giving a try. Just don’t tell abuela it’s your new favorite cafecito.